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The IT Box 2U series of casings is intended to provide a good compromise between the low cost of commodity hardware and the density of 1U server systems. Using a 2U chassis allows the use of off the shelf PC hardware which is available from a far larger range of vendors than custom 1U kit is. Costs are alsor reduced and replacement parts easier to source when failures do occur.

Each casing can accomodate the following components:

Using a motherboard with on board LAN, graphics etc. a simple server can be assembled without requiring any additional cards etc.

For more complex requirements low profile PCI cards can be added.

The low cost of these solutions allows for excelent horizontal scalability. If redundency or additional computing power is required this can be achieved by having multiple machines in a cluster.

* Many commonly available power supplies do not conform to the ATX specifications as far as physical form factor and in particular, ventilation, is concerned. For this reason we always supply our casings with appropriate power supplies.